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Genesis gave MotorTrend two GV80s and they headed towards pikes peak.
With the first wave of GV80s starting to disperse throughout the country, we know you’ve been waiting patiently for this moment. Today we are excited to bring you a fresh new video starring the first SUV from Genesis. Stay tuned, because we are just getting started.

Venture to Colorado with filmmaker, photographer and championship-winning racer Jeff Zwart, and photographer-stuntman Riley Harper as they command their own GV80s from Aspen to Pikes Peak. Between Zwart’s experience conquering the mountaintop and Harper’s exhaustive resume as driving stuntman for A-list action stars, they both bring a unique professional perspective to the journey. With each photographer allotted 24 hours and no rules, they both go to work capturing GV80 on stunning high mountain roads.

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