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What do you think of the wheel choices for the GV80?

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As far as I know, Genesis has not announced any sort of black wheel package for the GV80 yet. I've seen photos with chrome wheels, but not black wheels.

I decided to make a rendering with black wheels from a Bentley Bentayga Black Edition. Would this look good? Are you happy with the GV80 wheel choices or would you also like a black wheel option?


Also, if you like this look then you can buy a set of these exact wheels for your GV80...for $5k USD on eBay 22" Bentley Bentayga Wheels Factory Genuine SET OEM inch BLACK RIMS STOCK FORGED | eBay
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Love the rims, but if I did that, I'd have to also wrap the chrome in black to match. My personal tastes are never to put black rims on a car with chrome trim. I've own black trim and rim cars for years now and hate to have to go back. If I purchase and not lease the car, I'm open to doing a full satin wrap (not sure what color, but probably white) and then wrap the chrome with black, but then there's that huge chrome grill. They don't sell enough for an aftermarket black chrome grill replacement. lol
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