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What kind of AWD system does the GV80 Use

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Does anyone know if it's a real all-wheel drive system on the GV80 or not?

How does it work?

I'm curious if it senses slip and then adds power to the slipping wheels, or if there's always power going to the wheels. I've never really trusted the slip-and-grip systems and I know Audi's quattro setup is first rate.
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I thought that the Prestige can send 100% power to any wheel, not just the rear.
It can send up to 100% of power to either rear wheel, up to 50%/50% front/rear and up to 50% to either front wheel by applying the brakes to the spinning wheel.

Sending 100% to a single rear wheel should be an unlikely scenario though as it would probably start trying to shift power forward, but if both fronts and a single rear were to have no could send all the power to the single rear wheel with traction.
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