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Wheels on the GV80 Concept

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The GV concept was showcased sitting on 275/40R23 tires, with rims that featured ventilated spokes. I do doubt that we will see something similar on the production model, as I think this was done purely for aesthetics to match the crosshatch patterns on the transparent B and C pillars. Though this does beg the question of whether or not there would be any benefits to having ventilated rims however.
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I have little faith in seeing these come to market on a production Genesis SUV. After seeing the new G80, I can't get over how nice its BBS style wheel looks. On an SUV with meatier tire will give this the right sporty edge
These would probably be too expensive to use on the production model, and I can only imagine how difficult they would be to keep clean. Also wonder how durable they could be as the spokes are essentially hollow.
Once you're able to coat the wheels so brake dust won't collect for long or at least becomes easier to wash off with some wheel acid, there's little concern for how you'll clean it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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