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2021 Genesis GV80 3.5T AWD Advanced Plus
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Do not know about the GV70, but on the GV80, there is a removable "trap door" that exposes the wiring.
I have my radar detector hard wired to it.
This is a paragraph I copied from somewhere:

"If you want to install a remote radar detector, the mirrortaps do not stick into the molex connector very well.
First pop off the plastic panel in the middle of the roof plastic trim. Then pull out the wire connector. The grey wire is the hot lead with ignition on and the black is ground. I used the mirror taps but cut off the ends and just used the phone cord connector part. Strip a little insulation to expse an inch or two of the wire harness. Use T connector of choice to splice into the grey and black wire. Remove the plastic collar on the mirror stem. Mount the BlendMount on the stem. Secure the new wires so they will not accidentally pull out and replace the center trim piece. Connect power to detector and drive safely."
1 - 3 of 3 Posts