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Worst customer experience

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I bought a new GV80 2023 from Atlantic Hyundai on Long Island, New York in December 2022. Everything was fine until March 2023. The temperature control is not working well, when the temperature is set between 72 and 75, the system blows cold air; I live NY. The wipes screech, the connected services does work, the Auto-stop does not always work and when it does, it jumps out of it suddenly even as I have my foot on the brakes.
The dealer took the vehicle held it for about 5 days and told me they couldn't fix the temperature control problem and returned the vehicle to me in the same condition. To make matters worse, I have been working with a case manager from Genesis Motors of America, since March of this year and I have gotten no where with her. I tried making another appointment to get the vehicle back to a dealer and none of the dealers on Long Island, New York will take the vehicle. I was promised a call from the executive group of Genesis Motors of America and no one has called me, it's has been 1 month. This is the worst car experience I've ever had and this is supposed to a luxury brand, it has been a nightmare.
If anyone know of an organization I can reach out to for assistance, please let me know.
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